The Constellation


First ever constellation with intersatellite link based upon expandable antennas

Satellites operating in 12 orbital planes

~ Tbps

8 Gbps/sat - 2 Tbps total capacity


Low Earth Orbit, 800km Ka-band constellation

± 65 o



Project Timeline

Technical Characteristics

Satellite Bus

Flight Proven Bus and Subsystems

Flight proven bus and subsystems

Full redundancy in critical subsystems

8 Gbps throughput per satellite

Ka-band Inter-Satellite and User links

Mass production facility available

Satellite Payload

Payload based on flight proven technology

ISL: 4x foldable gimbaled antennas

User Links – 8x independent rigid gimbaled antennas (1 Gbps per spot)

Smallest volume-to-throughput ratio SDR Modem

Compact feeding system combining small volume with very high performance

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