Dunmore Aerospace Collaborates With NSLComm To Develop A New + Expandable Satellite Antenna

The combined materials expertise of Dunmore Aerospace and NSLComm’s satellite structure design experience has produced a unique satellite antenna design. NSLComm’s antenna was successfully tested on the International Space Station (ISS).

Source: satnews

The antenna will be integrated into the company’s second satellite designated to be launched later this year. The goal will be to integrate the antenna system into future communication satellite constellations. The lightweight, large aperture antenna will deliver high bandwidth capabilities at a lower cost.

The barriers of entry for communication satellite constellations are very high due to the high cost of launch vehicle services. NSLComm focused on this problem and began to work on developing a new antenna technology that would decrease the cost per spacecraft by reducing the satellite size and mass. As NSLComm began the development process, they knew they needed a partner that had significant materials expertise and spaceflight heritage. NSLComm and Dunmore Aerospace began to work together to turn NSLComm’s antenna concept into a reality.

The NSLComm deployable antenna. Photo is courtesy of Daniel Rockberger, NSLComm.

Working collaboratively with Dunmore, NSLComm developed an antenna that is compactly folded during launch and maintains the electromagnetic characteristics post deployment. The lightweight antenna is extremely flexible and is stowed in a small volume, while providing a large aperture post deployment. As NSLComm continues with spaceflight testing, the collaboration will continue to grow with the next phase of the project. A satellite mission is planned for this year to further test this disruptive technology. The final goal will be to integrate the antenna system into a next generation LEO Ka-band satellite constellation.

Working in the field of satellite communications, NSLComm has developed antenna technologies to transform the efficiency of communications services, bringing supercharged bandwidth at a lower price per bit. The team has proven space technology development ability and strong market knowledge, which they combine with strategic partners to ensure success. NSLComm antenna solution has been designed to optimize currently available satellite communications technology.

According to NSLComm’s Co-Founder/Chief Engineer Daniel Rockberger, “We are so excited after the successful test on the ISS thanks to the Ramon foundation Rakia mission with Axiom-1. The antenna deployed perfectly after being stowed for 3 months and daily photogrammetry images proved the adequate shape of the reflector for Ka band communications. Next step is orbit!

Dunmore is a global manufacturer of engineered coated and laminated films and foils with manufacturing facilities in the U.S and Germany. Dunmore produces coated film, metallized film and laminated film substrates for the aircraft, spacecraft, photovoltaic, graphic arts, packaging, insulation, and electronics industries. Dunmore is a Steel Partners company and is ISO 9001:2015 and OSHA VPP Star certified.

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