Our Company

Who We are?

BeetleSat is a new LEO (Low Earth Orbit) constellation delivering truly global Ka-band connectivity for point to point secure communications, cellular backhaul, mobility and additional premium services, in the commercial and government sectors.

Based upon groundbreaking Ka-band deployable antennas, developed by NSL Comm based in Israel, BeetleSat is deploying 250 communication satellites comprising high speed intersatellite links, delivering exceptionally low-latency, high throughput, non-terrestrial networks, able to link selected points anywhere on Earth.

BeetleSat is a premium complementary LEO layer for terrestrial and MEO/GEO networks, suitable for global and regional operators and telecom service providers looking to boost their existing solutions with truly global, high quality, high speed, affordable communications.




Fully interlinked global telecommunications and data networks employing seamless and low latency LEO constellation satellite solutions.


To be the top LEO constellation operator, providing high-quality, cost-effective service along with an unparalleled customer experience.



Why BeetleSat?​

First constellation with intersatellite link based upon expandable antennas.

Secure point to point comms with the lowest latency.

Unique solutions for satcom operators and service providers.

Complimentary LEO layer for 5G terrestrial and GEO satellite.

Affordable premium services.

Any two points on earth connected with zero terrestrial infrastructure.

Ka-band frequencies covering all major global markets (+-65 degree latitude).

Service to commence in 2026.

Substantial client waiting list.

Seasoned executive team and global footprint, with technology developed in Israel.

Unique value proposition for early adopters.